Who we are

In Ethiopia the absence of professional and modern technological business support, products and services that can facilitate the transformation of the economy in to a modern and dynamic one and help businesses keep pace with the world, is highly vivid. Highly trained and creative technological personnel, professional and accurate Information technology consultancy services and indigenous problem solving technologies are some of the major businesses doing infrastructure needs are still foreign to the economy. But this has to change. Otherwise it will be almost impossible for Ethiopian businesses to be competitive in the open field called the global market.

Bluelime Technologies plc is the outcome of this tangible fact. With its focus on the major gaps of businesses needs for effective technological solution provider, the company delivers tangible and practical technological business solutions, primarily for the Ethiopian market. Bluelime engages itself in providing technological solutions to commercial sectors. Bluelime technologies is a young and emerging mind in the technological industry of the country, legally registered by the ministry of trade and industry of Ethiopia. Established with the vision of changing the technological landscape of the nation, Blulime strives to provide high quality ICT and software solutions at an affordable price and introduce new technologies to the country.

With a staff of highly garnered knowledge and dynamic thinking, at Bluelime, we labor wildly to create new things. Presently, The Company’s human capital is the most invaluable resource in which our clients found our company’s name. Established by talented technologists who have considerable years of experience in the industry and has done many software developments and IT project in the country, with their garnered knowledge and lots of experiment, the company has been established with the common belief of providing a distinct solution to its clients with the sate-of-the-art technology. Bluelime is a trusted advisor committed to ensuring the long-term success of its customers. Bluelime business model focuses on providing customers with a tangible (Return on Investment) ROI and greater value proposition. The success of our customers has proven our business model right.

Bluelime has been delivering high end quality products and services for its clients such as software, website, networking and maintenance service. Our big project and product that we delivered is an Enterprise Resource Planning System with a code name Brisk Enterprise Solution. As the name indicates Brisk is a product that with speed, effciency and control. The software product is able to centralize transactional data from dierent departments and able it to be available for reporting and decision support. Brisk is able to process in distributed environment and centralized the data, a business with multi location stores, offices and sales shops can integrate their data using dierent technologies in order to make managers and stalk holders up to date about their business. Brisk’s work break down and security system has the power to manage all the modules under with a very powerful audit trail system. The system has a module that is capable of backup both on-demand and automatic.

When a business starts to use Brisk: – Increased competitiveness with integrated, fast, and flexible business processes, Real-time data access for effective decision making and Improved business resource and asset utilization and greater customer satisfaction.